Kanger VOCC Coils

$ 11.99

These new Kanger coil heads called VOCC will fit any Kanger tank using the original Kanger Dual Coils.

This new version features an improved vertical coil design, allowing you to use more power from your battery without getting a burned flavor, and deliver an improved flavor overall thanks to their 100% organic cotton wicking material.

Replacement coil for:

  • Kanger Aerotank Mini
  • Aerotank Mega
  • Aerotank
  • Protank 3
  • Mini Protank 3
  • EVOD2
  • T3D
  • EVOD Glass
  • Aerotank v2
  • Aerotank Giant
  • Aerotank Turbo
  • Genitank
  • Genitank Mini
  • Genitank Mega
  • Genitank Giant