MyBlu - Starter Kit with Single 1.5ml Pod

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MyBlu 350mAh Starter Kit with Single 1.5ml Pod

MyBlu is a lightweight, pen-style vaping device that takes pre-filled myblu pods. It has no buttons, no settings and doesn’t need to be refilled: once you’ve finished one pod, simply pop in a new one and you’re ready to carry on vaping! Don’t be fooled by its minimal design: MyBlu has been optimized for outstanding flavor and performance. MyBlu features fast charging, a 350mAh battery and an LED to display remaining battery level. To use your MyBlu, simply draw on the mouthpiece!

Unlike tank-based kits, MyBlu makes use of disposable 1.5ml pre-filled vape juice pods for absolute convenience and a totally mess-free experience. High-quality cotton wicking in each pod delivers incredible flavor and vapor production, and each Liquidpod flavor comes with a satisfying level of nicotine for a great vape.

MyBlu is as easy to recharge as it is to use. Simply plug the USB cable supplied in the kit into the end of the device and attach to your computer’s USB port or a suitable wall adapter. It takes just 20 minutes to charge your MyBlu, and one charge should last a full day, depending on usage.


  • Optimum vapor satisfaction in a compact design
  • 1-click liquidpods let you switch flavors in seconds
  • 20-minute charge time for faster vaping


Gold Leaf 2.4%
Enjoy your down time with the bright, smoky taste of Gold Leaf. With the subtle essence of fragrant tobacco, make this smooth blend your go-to flavor for all occasions.



  • 1 x MyBlu Device
  • 1 x Gold Leaf Liquidpod (Tobacco flavor)
  • 1 x USB charging cable
  • 1 x User Manual